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Use arrow keys to navigate and ENTER (not SPACE in online game) for action .

There are 3 kinds of chargers, which charge 3 different kinds of phones.

  • Green lightning charger  - green phone
  • Small charger (horizontal) - old keypad phone
  • Normal charger - all other phones

If a phone charges move hand towards phone and collect it. If a phone discharges, you lose a life.

If you are confused watch this: 

Ever thought keeping all your gadgets charged is too stressful? Forget it. Now, you are a professional phone charger. Go plug phones and charge them quickly. Sounds simple, right? Get ready for the rush as you try to charge the phones with their battery draining quickly.

Ludum dare link :

Changelog: Fixed the bug where the phone was not discharging after full charge after the jam time ended (2hr 30min later) . For the original version visit:

Play from my website

Or you can see the changes made :

Install instructions

Simply run the jar file. If you don't have JRE or JDK installed get it from


Battery Low -Bug fix 9 MB

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